The Intermountain West’s First and Finest Independent School
We inspire students to lead ethical and productive lives through a college preparatory program that promotes the pursuit of academic and personal excellence.

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Rowland Hall's Mission

We inspire students to lead ethical and productive lives
through a college preparatory program that promotes the pursuit
of academic and personal excellence.

Inspiring students who make a difference.


Inspiring a passion for life and learning

Our evolving curriculum encourages students to become enthusiastic and successful learners.

Striving for excellence

Students thrive in an environment where challenge is expected, learning is supported, and personal best efforts are celebrated in class, on stage, and in athletics.

Fostering ethical development

Rowland Hall values integrity and responsibility. We guide our students to make good choices and to learn from their mistakes.

Creating a diverse and inclusive community

Rowland Hall encourages religious, ethnic, racial, and socio-economic diversity within its community and promotes understanding and acceptance of various cultures and points of view.

Nurturing a spirit of service

Students develop a commitment to change their world for the better through an expansive service learning program.


Strategic Plan

Like all independent schools, Rowland Hall engages in a thoughtful conversation about its mission, vision, and direction on a five-year cycle. Toward the end of each of these strategic planning processes, stakeholders representing each school constituency - teachers, alumni, administrators, trustees, parents, students - unite around goals for teaching, learning, and funding that will best serve our students.

Rowland Hall's 2014 Strategic Plan set out three ambitious goals:

1. Enhance the student learning experience

We will build on Rowland Hall’s exceptional program by fostering a culture that enables educators to explore and incorporate the most appropriate current research into their teaching practices and student learning. We will continue to evolve in order to provide the best possible education and opportunities for our students by:

  • Providing support, resources, and time to help teachers accomplish the above goals.
  • Institutionalizing a structure for on-going professional learning and collaboration among faculty.
  • Incorporating current research on education, teaching, and learning into our teaching model in a more systematic fashion.
  • Incorporating a wide variety of approaches to assess student learning.
  • Creating classroom environments that celebrate our commitment to diverse ways of learning by employing differentiated approaches to instruction.

2. Provide the Intermountain West’s most outstanding math and science program

While remaining committed to educating the whole child and offering an incomparable learning experience in the humanities, arts, and athletics, we will develop new opportunities for students in mathematics and science. We will challenge and excite each and every student by:

  • Strengthening our math and science curriculum, learning objectives, and instructional and assessment practice school wide.
  • Evaluating methods of incorporating technology and engineering into curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Making math and science education accessible, engaging, and appropriately challenging for every student.
  • Communicating school successes in math, science, technology, and engineering.

3. Develop the enrollment and business model for our future

As Rowland Hall’s business model continues to focus on funding a top quality college preparatory education, it will also remain dedicated to the longer-term tasks of creating 21st century facilities, growing the school’s endowment, and generating strong enrollment by:

  • Adopting a financial philosophy and budgeting model that fully funds the very finest PreK-12 educational program in the Intermountain West, while acknowledging the financial pressure tuition places on our families.
  • Continuing to annually evaluate data regarding revenue/expenses and enrollment/capacity, by division, to determine whether a need exists to further differentiate tuition by division.
  • Supporting and enhancing admission and marketing strategies that communicate Rowland Hall’s value proposition to both internal and external audiences.

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84108
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