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Meet Our Extraordinary Alumni

Bonnie Phillips ’60

The co-owner of the renowned Phillips Gallery and founder of the Golden Rule Project is a treasure in the Utah art community. She traces her passions back to her Rowland Hall years. READ MORE

Ed Heath ’00

The alum is a two-time semifinalist in the James Beard Foundation Restaurant and Chef Awards—the Oscars of the culinary world. Rowland Hall set him on the right path, he said. "I learned more about life here than I've ever learned in a four-year period." READ MORE

Christina Lau Billings ’98

"Being a part of the Rowland Hall community gives me a sense of grounding and connection. Being an ethnic and religious minority in Utah, I value the diversity of thought and open-mindedness that the school fosters." READ MORE

Hank Shipman ’13

Even a near-fatal car accident didn't hinder the Rowmarker's boundless optimism and determination. "When you have an entire community pulling for you and lifting you up, it makes it a lot easier to overcome challenges." Now, he wants to help others heal. READ MORE

Lawrence Benjamin ’07

"The small class sizes of Rowland Hall always appealed to me, and they were one of the main reasons I wanted to attend the school...I built fantastic relationships with many of my teachers over the years; some have even been over to my family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner." READ MORE

Tori Searl ’06

"Rowland Hall truly instilled so many fundamental qualities in me: confidence in myself and my academic abilities, the ability to be a leader, how to work as a member of a team, the importance of being kind to others, and dedication to my community." READ MORE

Anna Reganis ’15

"By the time I was 11 years old, I knew that Rowland Hall was instrumental in shaping who I had become and who I was going to be. This is a school where teachers and students value and care deeply about each other." READ MORE

Zach Levinthal ’15

"Rowland Hall is all about community. A community comprised of people who look out for one another. We have each other’s backs. We are taught at an early age to reach out to help each other without reservation or hesitation." READ MORE

David Marquardt ’04

"I credit Rowland Hall with giving me the foundation to build a life that I love living. On a daily basis, the guidance of the administrators, the wisdom of my teachers, and the care of my coaches imbued in me a sense of purpose." READ MORE

Nicole Pershing ’02

"The support of family, friends, and teachers that started with my Rowland Hall education makes me excited to start each day with the hope of discovering something new or helping a patient through a difficult time." READ MORE

Ashley Rothwell-Campagna ’95

"Rowland Hall laid the foundation for who I am and taught me many things that I have carried into my adult life—most notably confidence, a strong work ethic, and persistence." READ MORE

Geoff Swindle ’94

"For the first time in my educational experience, I was encouraged to think outside the box and was given numerous tools to explore my creative thinking." READ MORE

Sam McConnell ’95

"Rowland Hall gave me the freedom to explore my imagination, the confidence to pursue my own path, and an appreciation for the community around me. Rowland Hall offered an abundance of creative opportunities, and I dove right in." READ MORE

Liz Shackman ’04

"My time at Rowland Hall and Stanford definitely prepared me for the hard work of medical school. I still make the same types of study guides in med school that I started making in high school, just with 20 times more information in them." READ MORE

Katie Pavia ’08

"I am grateful to all my Rowland Hall teachers for building and fostering a love of math and science but also teaching me that the people you work with are at least as important as the content you're learning." READ MORE

Natasha Kwendakwema ’05

“I first thought about becoming a doctor while on a mission trip to Peru with (Rowland Hall Spanish teacher) Matt Burnett and a few students from Rowland Hall during which we got to work with physicians.” READ MORE

Noelle Teske ’02

“I didn't decide until years later that I wanted to do medicine, but the science and math curriculum at Rowland Hall definitely prepared me well. I'm actually even more grateful for the wonderful humanities preparation... my writing ability and analytical thinking have really served me well." READ MORE

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