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Junior Program


Rowmark Junior Program offers an after school/weekend ski program designed to foster a lifelong appreciation of alpine skiing and racing. We strive to offer skiers a fun skiing experience and positive learning environment. We develop young skiers from beginner to elite alpine levels with the aim to produce all around versatile skiers. Pre-season conditioning, guided free-skiing, technical skill development, and racing tactics are balanced to be appropriate to the age and maturity of the child. Growing through our ski programs, our skiers become independent and self-reliant skiers.


The goal of the Rowmark Junior Program is to develop well-rounded skiers who have been introduced to the basics of ski racing and taught a strong technical foundation. We encourage young skiers to have fun and to develop a love for the sport. As skiers become older, we increase the level of competition, number of days on snow and racing focus in order to prepare our athletes for the rigor of the Academy program if they wish to apply.


  • Skiing is a life long sport that can be performed with family and friends of all ages. Our skiers develop skills to be enjoyed long after racing
  • Rowmark Junior Program's highly qualified coaching staff focuses on fun while enabling the students to build confidence, self-discipline, team comrade, and sportsmanship
  • Rowmark Junior Program has an eye toward shaping strong ski racers that ultimately may qualify for Rowmark Ski Academy
  • Implementation of this philosophy varies with age and ability and offer's a progression whereby skiing days and race involvement increases as the skier's age and commitment level grows
  • Younger athletes spend more time nurturing fun activities and skiing development, while older athletes focus their time and energy on racing tactics
  • Rowmark strives to maintain small coach to skier ratio, one coach to six-eight skiers
  • The All Mt. Ripper teams ski at Park City Mountain while our All Star and Academy Prep teams train and ski at both Park City Mountain and Snowbird Resort
  • Rowmark Junior Program's schedule is built around Rowland Hall's academic curriculum. There is harmony between the two schedules that allow skiers to pursue their academics and their ski racing goals without overlap

  • All dryland training takes place at school as an extension of the school day (eliminating extra parent transportation)
  • We offer professional transportation from school to the mountain and back
  • Safety of our skiers is the number one concern for our coaches
  • Mountain rules and skier courtesy are emphasized
  • Rowmark coaches promote safety awareness on and off the mountain
  • We serve Rowland Hall students ages 9-14 - third to eighth grade
  • Our program is made up of three different teams – All Mt. Rippers, All Star team, and Academy Prep. These different teams offer a natural progression of increased commitment and focus on competition as ability, skill, and commitment rise.

ALL MOUNTAIN RIPPERAges: 9-11 30 day and 45 day options, Weekends, Holidays, Wednesday nights, and Friday afternoonsYouth Ski League20
ALL STARAges: 10-13 70 days, Weekends, Holidays, Wednesday nights and Friday afternoonsSouth Series14
ROWMARK ACADEMY PREP TEAMAges: 12-14 (7th-8th grades)80 days, Weekends, Holidays, Wednesday nights, and Friday afternoonsJr. IMD Cup14

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