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Life-Changing Experiences Inside And Outside The Classroom

Arden Louchheim wrote about how freedom of the press affected Japanese-American internees in WWII. "This topic also hits close to home for me because my grandparents were interned."
Congratulations to our girls soccer team for a decisive victory over rival Waterford in the 2A State Championship game on Saturday, October 19, at Rio Tinto Stadium.
The University of Utah School of Medicine welcomed 127 students into its ranks at the 2018 White Coat Ceremony, and six of of those newly cloaked scholars graduated from Rowland Hall.
The alumni brothers of TWIG Media Lab crafted a documentary on our 150th year, from our festivities to our community's longstanding camaraderie and intellectual curiosity.
The project, which has been part of our curriculum for over 20 years, requires students to develop a research question, execute the scientific method, and present findings.

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