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Alumni Hall of Fame

The Alumni Hall of Fame award recognizes alumni who have made significant professional or service contributions in their communities. Student body president, Caitlin Jacobs '09, created this award to provide an opportunity for current students to honor those who walked these halls before they did, and to inspire them to think about how they, too, could contribute to the world. Recipients are selected each year by the Upper School Student Council.

Alumni Hall of Fame Award Recipients


Sam McConnell, '95, came to Rowland Hall in 4th grade. He was active in the arts, acting in many plays and musicals. He became interested in film after many years of going to films at the Sundance Film Festival and seeing movies at the Tower Theatre. After graduating, Sam went to Columbia University in New York City to study film and philosophy. He spent a few years working with John Lyons, the producer of the Austin Powers movies. He returned to Columbia to get his Master’s Degree, and in 2005 he began his own film and video production company, McConnell/Hauser.

Sam’s most recent project, The Out List, a documentary exploring LGBT identity, captures the personalities and stories of many actors, comedians, athletes, and politicians. The movie featured many celebrities, including Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Cynthia Nixon, ACT UP founder Larry Kramer, Wanda Sykes, and Dustin Lance Black, among others. The Out List premiered on HBO this past summer. The movie sends positive message through its humor, but also makes a very strong point about the presence of the LGBT community today. Sam has produced three short films, which all have premiered in film festivals both around the country and internationally. His next project will be the feature length adaptation of the novel, In the City of Shy Hunters, which takes place in New York in the 1980s. He hopes to start shooting this summer.

Keely Kelleher, '03, came to Rowland Hall from Big Sky, Montana. She participated in the Rowmark program all four of her years in the upper school and particularly remembers classes with Peter Hayes and Jessica Lahey. Since her graduation, she has skied in locations around the world, participated in the highest levels of competition for eight years, placed first in the 2010 National Super G Championships, and earned a place on the 2010 US Olympic Ski Team as an alternate. She recently graduated from Westminster College with a B.A. in Business Management and currently works at Rowland Hall as part of the Rowmark staff. Besides her national and international skiing successes and being featured in two of Warren Miller’s films, she founded Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls in 2011, the first and currently the only all-girls ski camp, giving back to the next generation in a sport she loves. She and her staff are in her own words, “dedicated to sharing our wisdom, knowledge, and experience with the next generation of girls in skiing.”


Terri Kindness, '92, was born in Seattle and grew up in the area. During her sophomore year of high school she realized that she wanted to ski more than go to school, so her goal was to find a place where she could do just that. She was admitted into our Rowmark program, where she quickly learned that skiing could not be her only focus . She found the academic program here to be rigorous and challenging, and after her graduation she matriculated to the University of Colorado in Boulder. In 1999, she was accepted into the Coast Guard Officer Candidate School She graduated from flight school in 2001, and as a Lieutenant Colonel, has since been stationed in Washington, Hawaii, and currently in Southern California. Former Rowland Hall student and fellow Rowmarker Levi Leipheimer commented, “I'm not surprised Terri has become a Lieutenant Colonel, she was always tough, smart and determined. I remember her as a leader during our time at Rowland Hall/ Rowmark. Terri would take charge and make sure every athlete loaded their equipment into the team van and that no one forgot anything.” In 2004, Terri was recognized by the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation and was one of five women in service highlighted on their annual poster recognizing the contributions of women in the military. The theme for that year was “Inspired, Inspiring.”

Luke Flockerzi, '97,
is a Rowland Hall “lifer,” having attended from 3PreK to graduation in 1997. While at Rowland Hall he was a member of the chess team from elementary school until ninth grade. In high school he played four sports: basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis. After graduating from Rowland Hall Luke attended Grinnell College where he majored in psychology and played on their basketball team. The team won the national scoring title four years in a row and made it to the NCAA tournament in Luke’s senior year. Luke subsequently earned a master’s degree from the nationally renowned sports management program at the University of Massachusetts. After U Mass, Luke was an assistant coach at a number of colleges and in 2011 he was named the head coach of the mens basketball program at the University of Rochester, New York. He just finished his second season with an impressive 22-5 record. Luke has coached in seven NCAA Tournaments, including two trips to the Final Four as an assistant coach. He was recently honored as a finalist for the 2013 National Coach of the Year. His past coaching accolades include AFLAC National Assistant Coach of the Year in 2003, and Head Coach of the New England Basketball Coaches Association All-Star Game in 2004. Under his guidance, Coach Flockerzi’s students have received numerous honors including NABC National Player of the Year, NABC First Team All-American, Jostens Trophy nominees, Bob Cousy nominees (top collegiate point guard), NABC All-Region, Conference Player of the Year, Conference Rookie of the Year, plus a variety of NCAA All-Tournament honors.


Nancy Borgenicht, '60, is a local theatre icon, best known for being a co-author of Saturday’s Voyeur at the Salt Lake Acting Company. Nancy spoke to Upper School students at the assembly and had everyone laughing as she shared memories of her time at Rowland Hall and recounted all the skills she was able to take with her as she explored the world of theatre after graduation. She left the students with a reminder that we are all part of a special community, and that doesn’t stop after graduation. Rowland Hall is always a part of you.

Eric Oehleric, '94, is a Navy SEAL and was able to join the assembly via Skype from his current station in Africa. Eric shared with the students the important values that have helped guide him in his life in the military that he says were instilled in him at Rowland Hall and while he was a member of the Rowmark Ski Academy. His emphasis on teamwork, strength of character, trust and honesty are something that students can all appreciate and strive to achieve regardless of our life path. Eric’s dedication and sacrifices for our country were truly inspiring.


Tim Brown '85
Erica Trauba '03


Peter Billings, Jr. '63
Kelly Hannah '90
Christina Nielson Zidow '99


Anthony Sweet ‘60
Bonnie Phillips ‘60
Kristi Terzian Cumming ‘85
Michael Billings ‘97
Morgan Sorensen ‘07

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